North County Commercial Real Estate

Ken Shuttleworth CCIM DBA September 25, 2017

North County Commercial Real Estate:

North County Commercial Real Estate is on the rise. With in excess of 800,000 people, many excellent opportunities still exist in North County San Diego and Riverside counties.  Now is a great time to expand your Commercial Real Estate portfolio in San Diego and Riverside Counties. For Commercial real estate investments for Sale, Purchase or Lease.

The term real estate includes land and improved land with Industrial and Commercial buildings, Multi-Family units or office space.

Commercial real estate provides opportunities for owners to Invest, 1031 exchange, expand their portfolio or income.

The famous author of the following wrote this to a family member: “A moment’s reflection must convince you of two things: first, that lands are of permanent value; that there is scarcely a possibility of their falling in price, but almost a moral certainty of their rising exceedingly in value….”   Yes, in 1778, George Washington had a keen grasp on the potential of real estate as opposed to less “real” assets.

The reasons for owning real estate are still the same. Except that there is much less of it. Real Estate should be part of everyone’s portfolio. It’s true then; and it is true now!

San Diego County Commercial Properties has all these opportunities. At, we are dedicated to our profession and to our clients.  Call for an evaluation and analysis on the purchase or sale of your Commercial real estate. To make an appointment, call Ken Shuttleworth or visit our website at

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